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"We the People Radio Archive"

Created and provided by Robert Exter,


Exter has a high success rate for his police art but his main profession is fine art. Portraits are his specialty and prefers live sittings, but he has no problem working from photographs. With the internet you can commission a portrait from anywhere world wide.

Exter is a notable Police Composite Artist, but that's not all. You don't become a police artist without the ability to create portraits. The portrait above was so convincing that Fritz (German Shepard subject) actually had to sniff the portrait. It was a need to help society that drove Exter to offer his services to the Sacramento Sheriff's Department which launched his career in cognitive police art. Exter has the ability to interview witnesses and present them with yes or no choices which eventually through the process of elimination will create a close likeness, close enough for effective public collaboration in identification. 

Pleasenote: Criminals pay no portrait fee if commissioned by law enforcement.